Confetti Max / Shot Max 

Continuous Confetti Blower

Powered by AC current and free air

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The ShotMax™ can shoot product out simultaneously and continuously as fast as you can feed it (confetti stacks shoot thickest and farthest) to approximately 25′ (7.62m). Simple and uncomplicated. The confetti is never touched by blades or motor, and is built with safety standards in mind! Compared to the competition, the noise is reduced 75%.

No Co2 needed.

This revolutionary machine can launch artificial snow, tissue confetti, fog, haze, or a focused blast of air. Hand feed tissue confetti in stacks or from our bulk bags for continuous aerial excitement! Shoot falling snow for that evenly distributed look. It even breaks up the clumps! Shoot low-ground fog for a powerful simulation of a 50′ Co2 blast. Shoot even farther, longer hang time too, with the addition of a Hurricane fan. The possibilities are endless to match your creativity!

Now with high and low blower settings on board

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Confetti Max / ShotMax Operating Instructions

download complete instruction booklet here

  1.  Screw black launcher tube into front of unit.
  2.  Make sure the launcher tube is empty before using.  Any foreign objects in the launcher tube are potentially dangerous.
  3.  Plug female end of power cord into the machine.
  4. Plug male end of power cord into a properly grounded receptacle providing 110 volt A/C power to unit, at 15 amps.
  5. Turn power switch on when ready to use.
  6. Simply hand feed and sprinkle confetti directly into the opening on top of unit while it is running.
  7. If optional flexible draw tube is used, draw it through material to be launched as needed, being careful not to clog tube. The tube inserts into the top of the unit.
  8. IMPORTANT! Make sure launch area in front of launch tube is clear of any obstructions and people prior to operation.
  9. Do not use this electrical unit in a damp or wet environment.
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