Do not operate if the launcher is damaged in any way.

This is a high-pressure projectile launching system. 

This system should not be used by anyone under legal age or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Complete every step on the launcher’s label before using and the loading instructions on this website

Be sure the launcher tube is empty before loading any streamers or confetti.

 Only use products purchased from our website.

Remove any outer wrappings from streamers and/or confetti before launching.

Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair any part of this product.

Stay alert and use common sense when using this or any effect.

Avoid shooting any streamers or confetti on or around any high power electrical cables.

Keep this device away from all children. This is not a toy!

Assume full responsibility before using this effect. 

Check with the venue, ask if they allow confetti and/or streamers.

Avoid knocking anything loose over head or in the path of the streamers or confetti such as but not limited to; ceiling fans, lights, smoke detectors and fire sprinkler systems. Allow at least 50 feet of clearance in the direction that the launcher points.

Do not point or activate launcher towards any person or objects that may be damaged from the projectile effects.

Do not transport with Co2 screwed in place. Only screw in Co2 moments before use when in location.

A Class Act, S.E.I. Inc., it’s agents, employees, and sales personal will not be held liable for any damages to persons or properties that might arise from the improper use or misuse of this or any product purchased from us.

Co2 cylinders empty or full can not be transported by you on an air plane. Do not pack in luggage.

Metallic streamers and confetti should not be used where people may walk.

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