Hand Held Launcher

Operating Instructions

Loading time = 90 seconds or less

Follow these easy steps to properly load our 20″, 32″or Electric Celebration Launcher with confetti and/or streamers.

Since these cannons are the original patented ones, no lifting cups or back-pressure caps are needed!

If you want to launch your own custom color combos, simply buy sleeves of the solid colors you want. For example; your school colors are black, yellow, and white, simply load the launcher with 1/3 of each color.

Step 1) Using a pair of scissors, snip open the sleeve of confetti or streamers making sure the opening is wide.

Step 2) Insert the open sleeve into the launcher 3-4 inches.

Step 3) Firmly grasp the launcher and sleeve of paper.

Step 4) Flip the launcher and sleeve over allowing the paper to fall from the sleeve into the launcher.

Be careful the sleeve does not fall out of the launcher! If you wish to mix streamers and confetti into the same launcher, or are mixing colors, pinch off the sleeve holding back what you do not want in the launcher.

Step 5) Remove the empty or partially used sleeve. You may use scotch tape over the end of the tube to keep the paper from falling out during transport. Remove the tape before your launch.  Note: Do not transport with Co2 screwed in. Screw in Co2 just before use.

Step 6) Make sure the lever is in the up and closed position.

Step 7) When ready to use, screw in 1 warm 12 gram Co2 cylinder. Do not over tighten. Do not transport with Co2 in place.

Step 8) Firmly hold cannon as shown, away from your body. Aim where you want to shoot. Quickly pull on red ball and string being careful not to move the end of the launcher from your targeted location.

Step 9) Remove and discard the used Co2 cylinder. Replace the lever back in the up and closed position.

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