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  The original U.S.A. patented launching system since 1988

Our Confetti and Streamer Launchers are the most widely used Celebration Cannons in the world. Remember, we invented them. This is the only system on the market that has been awarded two US Patents (# 5,015,211 5,149,290). Perfect for any event indoors or out. The effect has been called “Flameless Fireworks”.

For safety, these are made of the highest quality transparent PVC.

All of our launchers will shoot our quick load paper effects from 35 to 70 feet into the air. Inside diameter of the tube is 1″ for quick loading of our 25′ streamers and/or quick load confetti.

Refillable and reusable!

The longer 32″ cannon works the same as the 20″, but holds 50% more paper.

Mix or match any of the quick loads we offer to give your event that customized look.

You can mix confetti and streamers in the same cannon!

As a safety measure, the Co2 is screwed into a metal sleeved release mechanism firmly attached to our launchers by a custom made machine bolt.

No lifting cups or backpressure caps needed  

Why buy a copy cat when you can have the original, as trusted by professionals around the world!

Easy to use!

Simple to use. Just snip off the end from one of our quick load sleeves of confetti and/or streamers, dump the paper into the barrel, screw in one of our disposable, one time use (also non-toxic) 8 or 16 gram Co2 cylinder, aim the launcher into the air at about a 45 degree angle, then give a quick pull on the red ball and string.

Quick load confetti and streamers are loaded the same way.

Celebration Cannons

AKA: Celebration Launcher, Confetti Cannon, Streamer Cannon, Confetti Gun, Streamer Gun, Confetti Shooter, Streamer Shooter, Confetti Tube, Streamer Tube, Spirit Tube, and many other names.

20″ or 32″ Launcher.
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Sold by the each with no supplies.

The longer 32″ launcher performs the same as the 20″ launcher! It holds 50% more paper, giving you a bigger and better visual effect.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All SEI Celebration Launchers are not only the Original Patented Streamer/Confetti Projectile System, they are also made so well, that they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!  If they stop working during proper usage as outlined in our instructions, we will replace them free of charge. Failure or breakage as a result of misuse is not covered. Simply send your launcher back to us, if we discover that your launcher stopped working due to no fault of yours, we will either repair it or provide you with a new replacement. Shipping fees are not included unless a defect is detected within the first month of delivery. We take pride in manufacturing superior quality products that will give you decades of fascinating uses for all of your celebration events.

If you should need to return your launcher for a warranty repair, please contact us for instructions.

Cannon length may vary + or – 1/2″ and will have no effect of it’s performance.

20 inch Starter Kit includes: 1 20″ Celebration Launcher, 6 QL Paper Packs, 6 8g Co2.
Enough for 6 shots. 1 pack/Co2 per shot.
Choose all Confetti, all Streamers, or a mix of 3 each as listed.
Use drop down menu to order.
Starter Kits can not be shipped via air.

Shown above

20″ Starter Kit of Rainbow Mix ~ 3 confetti, 3 streamers, 6 8g Co2

32 inch Starter Kit includes: 1 32″ Celebration Launcher, 12 QL Paper Packs, 8 16g Co2.
Enough for 8 shots. 1.5 packs per shot, 1 Co2 per shot.
Choose all Confetti, all Streamers, or a mix of 6 each as listed.
Use drop down menu to order.
Starter Kits can not be shipped via air.

Peter Reveen, R.I.P. (Reveen the Impossibilist), Bob co-owner of A Class Act, Lance Burton

Taken at the Lance Burton Theatre, Monte Carlo Casino, Las Vegas, Feb. 2008

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