Parker Sanchez Mrs. New Jersey America 2008

One 20″ cannon filled with one sleeve of red, white and blue confetti and one 12 gram Co2 were used.

Slow Fall Confetti, Quick Load

Stacks of slow fall confetti, flame proof tissue paper, concert size (3/4″ x 2 3/4″), over 3,000 pieces, packed in a 20 inch sleeve ready for quick loading into our cannons. When shot into the air, they slowly barrel roll on their center axis to the ground.

While demonstrating this effect at trade shows, we have been asked, “Do you have some sort of anti-gravity devise that keeps your paper airborne far longer then any others we have seen?”

All of our Confetti Paper and Streamer Paper is made in America.

 Flame retardant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, complies with PS-46-71 and NFPA 701, conforms to CONEG, ASTM D4236, LHAMA, FHSA, is biodegradable, bleed resistant, meets all state and federal laws, and made in the U.S.A. from virgin wood pulp. providing the patented SEI confetti cannon and FDA approved flameproof streamers and confetti

Confetti and Streamer Paper Colors



 White     Blue  Green  




 Yellow  Purple    Pink  Orange  DayGlo Yellow
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