Slow Fall Paper or Metallic Confetti by the pound

for use in blowers, T-Shirt cannons and larger air cannons.

Can be tossed by hand, in shaker boxes, with balloon drops and many other applications.

Slow fall confetti, concert size (3/4″ x 2 3/4″), flame proof tissue paper, sold in bulk, by the pound. Multiple pounds of the same color/mix will be bagged/box together.

When shot into the air, they slowly barrel roll on their center axis to the ground. providing the patented SEI confetti cannon and FDA approved flameproof streamers and confetti

All of our Confetti Paper and Streamer Paper is made in America.

 Flame retardant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, complies with PS-46-71 and NFPA 701, conforms to CONEG, ASTM D4236, LHAMA, FHSA, is biodegradable, bleed resistant, meets all state and federal laws, and made in the U.S.A. from virgin wood pulp.

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