Confetti Gerb

High Volume Confetti Gerb

High Volume Confetti Gerb

You will need to supply 2 fifty (50) pound siphoned Co2 tanks. (Some applications may require 3 tanks, we will advise you if you should need 3.) Your Co2 supplier will also provide a plastic washer used to attach the connection hoses to these tanks. Make sure the tanks say siphoned on them. These must be used in the upright position and safely secured so they can not fall.

This unit comes with: 1 twin horn discharge assembly, 1 confetti hopper, 2 connection hoses with ball valves, and 2 pivot pins with spring clips. All of these items are to be returned. Keep all shipping material and boxes to return the unit.

Attach the twin horn assembly to the hopper using the provided rods. The bottom horn will hang over the hopper when installed. The flap attached to the main box should be pushed into the box and under the horns. The bottom horn will provide extra lift for the confetti that will be pulled from the hopper with the top horn. Hole “B” is the pivot point for the horn assembly. The 4 holes marked “A” is where you will set the angle for the launch. This angle is not to be moved while the unit is in operation. The length/size of horns has no effect on distance.

Using proper tools, attach the silver ends of the connection hoses to the horns. Now, making sure you have the plastic washer in place; attach the ball valves to the tanks. (Never use any Teflon Tape on tapered fittings.) The levers should be able to move (open and close) without hitting anything. Double check that the tanks and unit are secure. Tighten the connections you have just made.

Check that the unit is completely empty. Slowly open the valves on Co2 tank one at a time. Making sure the ball valves are closed and there are no leaks. Now, test each horn with a short blast by opening the ball valve. You will hear a loud whoosh and see a plume of white “smoke”.

Pre-load the hopper with 3-4 hands full of confetti loosely. Filling the hopper to maximum capacity will cause the confetti to clog the feed horn’s opening. Once you have loaded as described, you are ready to launch.

The unit will work best if you quickly feed loose confetti into the hopper while both ball valves are open. Feed confetti by hand into the hopper as fast as you can. If fed correctly, you will use up to 1 pound of confetti per second. Leave ball valves in the open position for as long as the confetti effect is required.

You will have about 2-3 minutes of operating time. This can use as much as 50 pounds of confetti! Freezing of the tanks and base of the horns is normal during operation.

After all confetti has been launched, closed the ball valves and the tank valves. Disassemble, repack in the original shipping box as you received it and return all to us.

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  1. Do not operate if the launcher is damaged in any way.
  2. This is a high-pressure projectile launching system. Do not point it at anyone or anything.
  3. This system should not be used by anyone under legal age or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. Complete every step described in the instructions before using.
  5. Be sure the launcher is empty before loading any streamers or confetti. Use only approved products.
  6. Remove any outer wrappings from streamers and/or confetti before launching.
  7. Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair any part of this product.
  8. Stay alert and use common sense when using this or any effect.
  9. Avoid shooting streamers or confetti on or around any high power electrical cables.
  10. Keep this device away from children. This is not a toy!
  11. Assume full responsibility before using this effect. Do not use if you are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
  12. Avoid knocking anything loose over head or in the path of the streamers or confetti such as but not limited to; ceiling fans, lights, smoke detectors and fire suppression systems. Allow at least 100 feet of clearance in the direction that the launcher points.
  13. Do not point or activate launcher towards any person or objects that may be damaged from the projectile effects.
  14. Do not transport with Co2 attached.
  15. A Class Act, S.E.I. Inc., it’s agents, employees, and sales personal will not be held liable for any damages to persons or properties that might arise from the improper use or misuse of this or any product purchased or rented from us.
  16. Co2 cylinders empty or full cannot be transported by you on an air plane. Do not pack in luggage.

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