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AClassactFX.com providing the patented SEI confetti cannon and FDA approved flameproof streamers and confetti

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Waretown, New Jersey

T-Shirt Launcher - T-Shirt Cannon - T-Shirt Gun

Confetti Launcher

Streamer Launcher

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T-Shirt cannon, t-shirt gun, t-shirt launcher,

This versatile US Patented (# 5,015,211 & 5,149,290 ) high performance cannon is our most powerful handheld unit to date. It's capable of blasting a pound of streamers and/or confetti extra high into the sky. Depending on atmospheric conditions, this launcher shoots our 25 foot streamers up to 75 feet out. The perfect cannon for large displays in stadiums and parades. Up to 3 T-Shirts (depending on t-shirt size) can be launched up to 90 feet. Stuffed animals up to 6" can be shot out 50-70 feet. Economical too! For added thrust, it is fitted with a special tandem valve that uses the required two 16 g., 900 PSI, threaded CO2 cylinders per shot as sold on this web site.

Warning: The T-Shirt cannon may recoil a little when fired, therefore it is not recommended for use by minors or persons under 130 pounds in body weight.

Click here to learn how to roll a t-shirt and how to fire our t-shirt cannon.

Please read the Safety Precautions here.

Dimensions: 30" x 2"

Barrel is transparent for safety so that you can see what is inside

Power: Two 16 g. disposable Co2's  per shot. These are to be purchased separately from us

Weight: 4 lbs.

Retail $325       Your Cost $250 


Don't forget to order 16 gram Co2 -- Click here to order

Only threaded 16 gram disposable Co2 can be used in the T-Shirt Cannon. You need 2 per shot.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

All SEI Celebration Launchers are not only the Original Patented Streamer/Confetti Projectile System, they are also made so well, that they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!  If they stop working during proper usage as outlined in our instructions, we will replace them free of charge. Failure or breakage as a result of misuse is not covered. Simply send your launcher back to us, if we discover that your launcher stopped working due to no fault of yours, we will either repair it or provide you with a new replacement. Shipping fees are not included unless a defect is detected within the first month of delivery. We take pride in manufacturing superior quality products that will give you decades of fascinating uses for all of your celebration events.

Cannon length may vary + or - 1/2" and will have no effect of it's performance.


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We offer the best quality special effects in the industry!

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AClassactFX.com providing the patented SEI confetti cannon and FDA approved flameproof streamers and confetti