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Slow Fall Confetti Bundles

Slower Loading

Sold by the bundle

When you have time to load your Celebration Launcher, our Slow Fall Bundles of confetti can save you money! We say "Slower loading", only because it may take a minute or so to load compared to our Quick Load packs that may take 30 seconds. Our Bundles of slow fall confetti are the same large concert size, flameproof, non-toxic pieces used in our QL packs. In fact, QL packs are made from these bundles. Each bundle is approx. 3/4" wide x 2 3/4"long x 2 1/2" tall and 2oz +/- in weight, they are ready for loading into our cannons or for use in our ShotMax.

Stacks of confetti can even be hand tossed into the air for weddings, magic shows, ribbon cuttings, photo shoots, parties, New Year's, stage shows,  etc.

Each of these bundles will make about 4 smaller stacks which are used in our Celebration Launchers. If used in our ShotMax, just drop stack after stack into the machine for a continuous display of confetti!

If you need your order shipped next day, 2 day or 3 day air, call us;
609-660-7788. We can not ship Co2 or haze in a can via air.

Easy to load

1 bundle = 4 stacks

7 stacks of your favorite color (s) are need to fill the 20" launcher

10 stacks are needed to fill the 32" launcher

Mix or match colors

Just pinch off about 1/4 - confetti cannons, streamer cannons, t-shirt launchers, special effects of the bundle to create a small stack (keep it tight and even) and push the small end into the tube. - confetti cannons, streamer cannons, t-shirt launchers, special effects - confetti cannons, streamer cannons, t-shirt launchers, special effects

Pinch off another stack, turn it 90 degrees from the previous stack (already in the tube) and push it in. - confetti cannons, streamer cannons, t-shirt launchers, special effects

Repeat this until the tube is filled to the bottom of the launcher (by the elbow). If some hangs out the open end, that is fine.

The rubber band is not used in the tube and should be discarded.


Yellow Slow Fall Confetti

Yellow confetti


$2.15 per bundle

Save Money

With These

Confetti Bundles


colors may vary

Purple Slow Fall Confetti

Purple Confetti


$2.15 per bundle

White Slow Fall Confetti

White confetti

White (fluoresces under black light)

$2.15 per bundle

Blue Slow Fall Confetti

Blue confetti


$2.15 per bundle

Day Glow Slow Fall Confetti

Day Glow Yellow confetti

Day Glow Yellow - (fluoresces under black light)

$2.15 per bundle

Orange Slow Fall Confetti

Orange confetti


$2.15 per bundle

Red Slow Fall Confetti

Red confetti


$2.15 per bundle

Green Slow Fall Confetti

Green confetti


$2.15 per bundle

Black Slow Fall Confetti

Black confetti


$2.15 per bundle


















Hot Pink Slow Fall Confetti

Pink confetti

Hot Pink

$2.15 per bundle









Bulk Confetti

Sold by the pound Click here for order page


Turquoise Slow Fall Confetti

Turquoise confetti


$2.15 per bundle

Red Metallic Slow Fall Confetti

red Metalic confetti


$4.25 Per bundle

about 4 oz.

Blue Metallic Slow Fall Confetti

blue Metalic confetti


$4.25 Per bundle

about 4 oz.

Confetti  Paper Colors (shades may vary)



 White     Blue  Green  




 Yellow  Purple  Hot Pink  Orange  DayGlo



When shot into the air, each piece of confetti slowly barrel rolls on it's center axis to the ground creating a beautiful splash of color.

While demonstrating this effect at trade shows, we have been asked, "Do you have some sort of anti-gravity devise that keeps your paper airborne far longer then any others we have seen?"

Approximate ground shipping days from New Jersey, zip code 08005

Transit Days start the day after package is picked up by FedEx. For example; the order you place is shipped by us on Tuesday and you live in Oklahoma, your package will arrive 4 days later on Monday. Remember, weekends and holidays are not counted as shipping days. Visit for complete details.

Need it there faster? Call us 609-660-7788

FedEx shipping map

Click on above map for more details. Origin zip code is 08005.

FedEx shipping map

NOTE: At our discretion to better serve you, we may ship via Freight, UPS, or FedEx ground

We offer the best quality special effects in the industry!

Call the Confetti Team at

A Class Act



Box 348, Waretown, NJ, U.S.A., 08758


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