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AClassactFX.com providing the patented SEI confetti cannon and FDA approved flameproof streamers and confetti

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Waretown, New Jersey



Click to view demo of our hand held Celebration Cannon with Confetti


Our tissue paper confetti and streamers are flame retardant and biodegradable


Parker Sanchez Mrs. New Jersey America 2008

One 20" cannon filled with one sleeve of red, white and blue confetti and one 8 gram Co2 were used.

Slow Fall Confetti, Quick Load

Stacks of slow fall confetti, flame proof tissue paper, concert size (3/4" x 2 3/4"), over 3,000 pieces, packed in a 20 inch sleeve ready for quick loading into our cannons. When shot into the air, they slowly barrel roll on their center axis to the ground.

While demonstrating this effect at trade shows, we have been asked, "Do you have some sort of anti-gravity devise that keeps your paper airborne far longer then any others we have seen?"

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If you need your order shipped next day, 2 day or 3 day air, call us;
609-660-7788. We can not ship Co2 or haze in a can via air.


Quick Load Multi-Color Slow Fall Confetti

multicolor Confetti

7 different colors

colors may vary

$6.79 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Red, White, Blue Slow Fall Confetti

Red, White, & Blue Confetti

Red, White, Blue

$6.79 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Red, White, Green Slow Fall Confetti

Red, White, Green Confetti

Red, White Green

$6.79 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Yellow Slow Fall Confetti

Yellow confetti


$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Mardi Gras Slow Fall Confetti

Mardi Gras confetti

Yellow - Purple - Green

$6.79 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Purple Slow Fall Confetti

Purple Confetti


$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load White Slow Fall Confetti

White confetti

White (fluoresces under black light)

$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Blue Slow Fall Confetti

Blue confetti


$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Day Glo Slow Fall Confetti

Day Glow Yellow confetti

Day Glo Yellow - (fluoresces under black light)

$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Orange Slow Fall Confetti

Orange confetti


$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Red Slow Fall Confetti
Red confetti
$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve
Quick Load Green Slow Fall Confetti
Green confetti
$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Black Slow Fall Confetti

Black confetti


$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Metallic and Paper Slow Fall Confetti

Metallic confetti

Metallic and paper alternating stacks

paper colors may vary

Metallic streamers/confetti my conduct electric and must not be used around electric wires and components

$9.75 Per 20" Sleeve

Metallic color

Quick Load Hot Pink Slow Fall Confetti

Pink confetti

Hot Pink

$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve

Quick Load Burgundy (maroon) Slow Fall Confetti
$6.39 Per 20" Sleeve



NEW!  Stacked confetti lower cost per launch Pink confetti- enter here



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Use drop-down next to the quantity you wish to order, select color choice, then click order button

Multi-Color Paper Confetti 10 Packs $65.00 ($6.50 each)  

Solid Color Paper Confetti 10 Packs $61.00 ($6.10 each)

Metallic and paper confetti 10 packs $95 ($9.50 each)

Metallic and paper confetti 25 packs $231.25 ($9.25 each)

Multi-Color Paper Confetti 25 Packs $156.25 ($6.25 each)

Solid Color Paper Confetti 25 Packs $146.25 ($5.85 each)

Multi-Color Paper Confetti 50 Packs $295.00 ($5.90 each)

 Solid Color Paper Confetti 50 Packs $275.00 ($5.50 each)

Metallic and paper confetti 50 packs $445.00 ($8.90 each)

Metallic and paper confetti 100 packs $865.00 ($8.65 each)

Multi-Color Paper Confetti 100 Packs $565.00 ($5.65 each) 

Solid Color Paper Confetti 100 Packs $525.00 ($5.25 each)

 Multi-Color Paper Confetti 150 Packs $810.00 ($5.40 each)

Solid Color Paper Confetti 150 Packs $750.00 ($5.00 each)

Metallic and paper confetti 150 packs $1,275.00 ($8.50 each)



Pink confettiPink confettiPink confetti

All of our Confetti Paper and Streamer Paper is made in America.

 Flame retardant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, complies with PS-46-71 and NFPA 701, conforms to CONEG, ASTM D4236, LHAMA, FHSA, is biodegradable, bleed resistant, meets all state and federal laws, and made in the U.S.A. from virgin wood pulp.

Confetti and Streamer Paper Colors

(shades may vary)



 White     Blue  Green  




 Yellow  Purple  Hot Pink  Orange  DayGlo



Red, White, Blue confetti quick load pack


Our Confetti is rectangular shaped. We referred to it as Slow-fall Confetti. Slow-fall Confetti is more visible and stays airborne much longer than any other shape of Confetti. This shape, paper, and size creates the most pleasing airborne special effect you will ever use. You can use less of our Confetti compared to any other shape and you will still get a much longer lasting, further traveling effect. By the very nature of descending slower and spreading out further than any other style of Confetti ours becomes the most affordable Confetti you can buy. Our American made tissue paper used for all of our paper products is translucent, creating a wonderful effect when back lit. Slow-Fall Confetti has a magical effect like no other Confetti has.

Back in 1988 World Champion Magician Lance Burton (the legendary super star Magician of Las Vegas) told Ty Reveen the “Secret of Confetti”. He stated that rectangle shaped Confetti was the only style of Confetti used by world class Magicians, because it looked better and stayed airborne longer than anything else. Up until then rectangle Confetti was very expensive and hard to come by (more of a specialty item and was sold mostly in mini bricks). Shortly after this "secret" was told, Ty Reveen’s company became the first company to mass-market rectangle Confetti. Today it is the most widely preferred choice of Confetti used by entertainment professionals. No other Confetti has the same effect. It’s the best bang for your buck!

Pink confetti

Peter Reveen (Reveen the Impossibilist, may he rest in peace)
Bob co-owner of A Class Act, and Lance Burton

Taken at the Lance Burton Theatre, Monte Carlo Casino, Las Vegas, Feb. 2008

A Class Act



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