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Waretown, New Jersey

We only sell and use disposable, one time use, metal, threaded (3/8" by 24 threads per inch) Co2 cylinders. Our Co2 cylinders are relied upon world wide by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and SCUBA divers for life vests. They are the most reliable Co2 cylinders made in the world! When you put your professional reputation on the line (or your life if a SCUBA diver), you want a Co2 cylinder that will work perfectly

. As an additional safety measure, these are screwed into a metal sleeved release mechanism firmly attached to our launchers by a custom made machine bolt. Using any other brand of Co2 cylinder will void your lifetime warranty on all SEIís Launchers and Cannons. These gold colored cylinders are engineered to work with our launchers. The welded cap is concaved to guide the piercing pin to dead center. Our cylinders are manufactured to stringent military specs. The filled cylinders are heated to a high temp for an extended period of time to ensure there are no leaks. These are food grade as used in seltzer making machines, soda dispensers, and home beer brewing. They are even used in the medical field.

These Co2 cylinders are for a one-time use and are non-refillable

Keep in mind, other cylinders, might cause the pin to hit off center and create a misfire. The launcher's internal piercing pin might also be damaged if an off brand cylinder is used.


No extra hazmat charge when shipping Co2

via FedEx Ground to the lower 48 states!

Currently, we can not ship Co2 via air, nor out of the lower 48 states.

Note: CO2 cartridges cannot be transported on an aircraft, empty or full.

Co2 cartridges are non-returnable.

12 Gram Threaded Co2 Cylinders

Threaded, screw in (3/8" by 24 threads per inch, 12 grams)

(900 PSI, non-toxic, disposable)

Used with our 20" or 32" Celebration Launchers

Cost per each = $2.00

  $2 per 12g cylinder

Cost per 10 = $17.50

  $17.50 per 10 12g cylinders

Cost per 25 = $43.75

$43.75 per 25 12g cylinders

Cost per 50 = $75

$75 per 50 12g cylinders

Cost per 100 = $125

$125 per 100 12g cylinders

Cost per 125 = $156.25

$156.25 per 125 12g cylinders

Cost per 150 = $187.50

$187.50 per 150 12g cylinders

Cost per 580 = $638 (full case)

$638 per 580 12g cylinders (full case)

16 Gram Threaded Co2 Cylinders

(900 PSI, non-toxic, disposable)

More volume, for larger, wider, and/or longer tubes.

Threaded, screw in (3/8" by 24 threads per inch, 16 grams)

Also used for some; bicycle tire inflators, life vests, seltzer water makers, plumbing drain cleaners and a number of other items. Check your product's owners manual to be sure these are compatible.

Co2 cartridges are non-returnable and non-refillable.

Used with our T-Shirt Cannon and our Electric Auto Launcher

Cost per each = $2.50

$2.50 per 16g cylinder

Cost per 10 = $22.50

$22.50 per 10 16g cylinders

Cost per 50 = $97.50

$97.50 per 50 16g cylinders

Cost per 100 = $165

$165 per 100 16g cylinders

Cost per 270 = $337.50 (must be shipped ground)

$337.50 per 270 16g cylinders

NOTE: Co2 cylinders can only be shipped via FedEx ground.

  Questions? Call or email us.

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Approximate ground shipping days from New Jersey, zip code 08005

Transit Days start the day after package is picked up by FedEx. For example; the order you place is shipped by us on Tuesday and you live in Oklahoma, your package will arrive 4 days later on Monday. Remember, weekends and holidays are not counted as shipping days. Visit for complete details.

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NOTE: At our discretion to better serve you, we may ship via Freight, UPS, or FedEx ground

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